Monday, 8 August 2011

Tough day yesterday!

The Hilly is one serious event and is definitely not misnamed.

I really, really suffered, so much so that my grand plans for the 125 got revised down to the Hilly 85.
2 punctures before the lunch stop and one after did nothing for my happiness either.

Embarking on this after a bout of viral illness ( doctor speak for "your guess is as good as mine") and no training for seven weeks was sheer madness.

Sadly I didn't get to meet up with Brian or Philip - I hope they got on better than me!

The route is below, 66.03 miles, 1,745m elevation gain and 2700 calories.
Garmin Connect route

The sharp brained amongst you will see that 85km is NOT 66.03miles - NO comments about the 10mile diversion to Seaforde please! We were in a group of 8 and missed the turn!!!!

I will attempt this again next year - hopefully with plenty of hill prep and few [team-lard] companions.

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